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Wheelchair accessible vehicles are commonly referred to as ‘WAVs’ – which are essentially vehicles that are designed to accommodate the travel needs of passengers or drivers using a wheelchair. WAVs make lives easier and safer with the main benefit that you can remain seated in your own wheelchair without the need of wheelchair to car seat transfers.

There are several different types of wheelchair accessible vehicles and the right one for you will depend on your individual needs and requirements – comparing just the price is not the answer with a WAV and we hope the following guide provides all the information you need to find your perfect WAV.

 — SCOTT SPENCER, Founder of WAV Compare


Looking through a list of WAVs for sale can be a difficult, there are many different types and conversions. Before you start searching through listings ask yourself the following questions:

The ‘standard’ conversion is known as a rear passenger WAV – but you can also be a front wheelchair passenger and even drive from your wheelchair.

You will find most listings have ‘X passengers plus wheelchair’ – this usually includes the driver so is the total number of passengers the vehicle will accommodate.

Be clear on your search criteria to make finding a WAV easier – you can then easily filter manual, automatic, diesel, petrol and other key features you require.

This will usually determine the size of WAV you need and the type of access. A lift rather than a ramp is worth considering for electric wheelchairs.

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You’ll often notice that certain makes and models have different conversions - the reason is that there are a number of converters , some of them convert (take a standard vehicle and make it wheelchair accessible) the same makes and models of vehicles - so one...

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Ramp or Lift

Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject Your Message The entrance to a WAV will be either via a ramp or a lift - at the rear or side or the vehicle. The type of wheelchair, the assistance required and the size of the...

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Sizes & Seats

There are small, medium and large WAV’s - plus minibuses! - generally the bigger the WAV the more passengers it will be able to accommodate plus the wheelchair user. Large WAVs and minibuses can also accommodate more than one wheelchair user. When you see...

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WAV Types

There are 3 main types of WAVs and then a number of adaptations available - it's important to know how each type differ so you can determine what best meets your needs. Rear passenger Rear passenger WAVs are the most common type of conversion - where the wheelchair user sits in...

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We can help you find wheelchair accessible vehicle suitable for a tow bar – contact a dealer near you here. A fully converted WAV will consist of a ramp or lift for access but there are a number of adaptations that can make life easier and...

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Used, New, Hire & Sell

Used WAVs There is a wide selection of WAVs available on the used market - available to buy from private individuals and motor dealers, many of which only specialise in WAVs. You can browse the used section of WAV Compare here and...