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Tow Bar Fitted To Wheelchair Access Vehicle (WAV)

If you already have a wheelchair accessible vehicle and want a tow bar fitted to tow a trailer or caravan then this is possible yes, if the rear floor has not been lowered. Many WAVs have lowered floors, where the rear bumper is 'cut-away' and it is therefore not possible to fit a tow bar on these types. However larger wheelchair access vehicles without a lowered floor or side entry conversions do have the ability to fit a tow bar to them.

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Types of WAVs suitable to have a tow bar fitted?:

  • Small WAVs that have a rear entry ramp often have a lowered floor - and therefore fitting a tow bar is not possible.
  • Larger WAVs with a powered platform lift or longer ramp do not have a lowered floor - and itmay be possible to fit a tow bar (depending on the type of lift and conversion).
  • But if you need access to the rear you will have to remove the trailer or caravan to get access - so the best option if you wish to add a tow bar to a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a side entry WAV, where the rear has not been altered in any way and the wheelchair access is from the side.


Side entry WAV is best for a tow bar to be fitted to rear


Side entry is the best option if you need a tow bar...

WAVs have lowered floors normally so the ramp is less steep and there is enough head room for the wheelchair user when seated inside - as a result they are not suitable for a tow bar to be fitted. Some large WAVs with lifts at the rear may be suitable - call us on 0800 832 1795 for more information. 

Lowered floor WAV not possible for a tow bar.  Large WAV may be possible yes for a tow bar.


We can help you find wheelchair accessible vehicle suitable for a tow bar - contact a dealer near you here.