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Wheelchair Passenger - Ride Up Front WAV

Wheelchair accessible vehicles that allow the wheelchair user to 'ride up front' are becoming increasingly popular - many people much prefer to sit as a wheelchair passenger, alongside the driver than in the rear of the vehicle. It's much the same as most people if they had the choice would sit in the front passenger, the overall experience and journey is often better.

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Why have a wheelchair passenger WAV?:

  • The wheelchair user can remain seated in their own wheelchair, in the usual front passenger position.
  • Sit next to the driver and have a better view (if you like the driver that is!)
  • It's generally a preferred position - front passenger.

Disadvantages of a wheelchair passenger WAV:

  • There are less seats in the back - the conversion means access to the front is needed so to enables this you loose the back seats.
  • They often cost more - this varies greatly and you may find the ideal used ride up front WAV at a great price from one of our dealers.
Ride up front wheelchair passenger vehicle.


Types of wheelchair passenger conversion:

Rear entry ride up front:

This is where the entry to the wheelchair accessible vehicle is from the rear and you 'wheel' stright up to the front passenger.

Rear entry ramp wheelchair passenger car.


Side passenger ramp access:

This type of conversion is where a ramp comes out from the side - ideal for most manual wheelchairs but if you have an electric or a larger wheelchair then this may not be the best option for you.

Side ramp wheelchair passenger WAV.

We can help you find a ride up front wheelchair passenger vehicle - browse our stock or contact a dealer near you here.