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Wheelchair Accessible Renault Master

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can make life much easier and more enjoyable for wheelchair users, their carers, and families. Wheelchair accessible vehicles come with different features. Some have rear entry doors, some a side entrance. Some use a lift system to enter, some a ramp. In some, the wheelchair user sits in the rear, in some in the front, and in some, the wheelchair user can even drive. Some have an automatic transmission, others a standard gearbox.

There are many makes of vehicle that lend themselves to being converted for wheelchair access. Professional outfitters produce standard conversions, or, you can request a special conversion to suit your personal requirements.

When deciding which make and style of wheelchair accessible vehicle would suit you best the first thing to consider is the size. If you wish to be able to carry more than one wheelchair along with other passengers than you will need to look for a large size vehicle. The wheelchair- accessible Renault Master is a good choice because despite its large size it is very competitively priced. It is available in three different chassis lengths, and because it is a converted panel van it has good height.

The wheelchair -accessible Renault Master is spacious and gives you lots of seating options for multiple wheelchairs and it is ideal for electric chairs which require more room. There is even room so that the wheelchair user can pass right through and into the front seat or into the driving position. Wheelchairs enter using an electric lift which folds down out of the double rear doors. The entry system can be controlled manually, or electronically with a remote control. There is also a sliding side door for other passengers to enter easily.

While this is a big vehicle for around town use, it easy to drive, with a responsive engine, and good visibility. Test drive a wheelchair-accessible Renault Master, and get ready to travel!