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Wheelchair Access Motor Home Hire

A completely open RV which you can without much of a stretch access from a side passage wheelchair lift and sit as a traveler in advance staying in your wheelchair.

The plan components incorporate a living region where the sink and hob overlay down effectively prepared to be utilized, the feasting table openings into spot and there is a worked in cooler so beverages are constantly chilled and prepared. Preparing the bed comprises of collapsing the twofold seat situate level, closing the blinds and hauling out the duvet from the implicit pantries – there is likewise the choice of a second bed in the rooftop compartment. To broaden the living space you can expel the front seats effortlessly.

Access Motorhomes are likewise now accessible with programmed gearboxes, which implies that a considerable lot of the driving adjustments fitted to customary vehicles to permit Disabled Drivers access to driving, would now be able to be fitted to camper vans. The freedom that this conveys enables you as the Disabled Person to have the decision to be the driver of the RV, instead of simply the traveler, and be completely responsible for where and when you need go going in a camper van.