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Wheelchair mountain bike wheels for the outdoors

If you want to enjoy some off-road pushing you will need to purchase some wheelchair mountain bike wheels.
>> Find out more about a Wheelchair mountain bike wheels for the outdoors.

Great folding active manual wheelchairs

If you are an active wheelchair user who travels in a car or by public transport, one of these folding active manual wheelchairs could make your life much easier.
>> Find out more about a Great folding active manual wheelchairs<.

Why the FreeWheel is the best accessory for a wheelchair

If you want to increase your independence and get to more places in your wheelchair, the FreeWheel is your best accessory option.
>> Find out more about a Why the FreeWheel is the best accessory for a wheelchair<.

Wheelchair Access Motorhome Hire

A completely open which you can without much of a stretch access from a side passage wheelchair lift and sit as a traveler in advance staying in your wheelchair.
>> Find out more about a wheelchair access motorhome hire.

Wheelchair Exercise Fitness Equipment

This trifecta of awesome exercise machines take the ‘dis’ out of disability by allowing you to workout from the comfort of your wheelchair.
>> Find out more about a wheelchair exercise fitness equipment.

Wheelchair Accessible Renault Master

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can make life much easier and more enjoyable for wheelchair users, their carers, and families.
>> Find out more about a wheelchair accessible renault master.

Manual vs Automatic Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

One of the most important decisions you will need to make when looking to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle is whether you want a manual or an automatic gearbox.
>> Find out more about a manual vs automatic wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Be the driver! - yes you can drive from your wheelchair.

There are many conversions and adaptations available which enables you to drive from your own wheelchair.
>> Find out more about a self drive from wheelchair car

Ford Transit with wheelchair lift.

Sometimes you just need that extra room - the Ford Transit offer just that with 7 seats available.
>> Find out more about a Ford Transit with wheelchair access lift

Hire a car that has easy wheelchair access.

We work with the leading providers so can help you source a WAV that is fully converted for wheelchair access.
>> Get a quote today for car hire with wheelchair access

The Kia Sedona is a popular choice!

A little more luxury is sometimes wanted and the Kia Sedona is a great choice, becoming increasingly popualr.
>> Find out more about a wheelchair accessible Kia Sedona

Can you have a tow bar on a WAV?

You may want a car with a ramp - but also want to tow a caravan!... this is possible but you need to make sure you buy the correct WAV.
>> Find out more about wheelchair cars and tow bars here

I need room for more than one wheelchair, what is the best option?

What most dealers call a 'large WAV' still only have room for one wheelchair and then up to 5 other passengers. To carry more than one you probably need a minibus. 
>> Find out more about wheelchair accessible minibus




Wheelchair accessible vehicles Preston



Here at WAV Compare our mission is to help you find your prefect wheelchair accessible vehicle - contact a dealer near you here.